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Better Blogging with Photography by Terri Webster Schrandt

This is an informative little book that begins with the pitfalls of taking random pictures off Google and posting them on your blog (always make sure they’re licensed for commercial reuse), but it goes much further than that. Ms. Schrandt

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How to Use Twitter Effectively without Having to Actually Read Your Twitter Feed

Some people dislike sifting through the Twitter feed, but they still need a social media presence. The good news is you can still use Twitter, just as an offshoot of blogging. And it hardly takes any time. First you’ll need

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Meet & Greet Sign-Up and Social Media Conference

People talk a lot about New Year’s resolutions, and I made one myself this year: I’m going to take ownership of my social media. Okay, in a way that sounds silly because who else do my Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.

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Author Press Kits

Apparently, we’re supposed to have a press ┬ákit before we even publish a book, but I’m just getting the memo. In case anyone else is as behind the power curve on this concept as I am, I thought I’d pass

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