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D.L. Finn, author of Dolphin’s Cave and Bigfoot

This review is a double-header. I started with Bigfoot, and it made me curious enough about the author’s work to go back for seconds. : ) Is Bigfoot real? The only witnesses who seem to believe it are usually quoted

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Heir of Ashes by Jina Bazzar

Roxanne Fosch is on the run, and she can’t afford to be caught. If she is, she’ll likely never see the sun again. Trapped for years in a paranormal science facility, she’s been experimented on with less compassion than sophomore

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Come Sail Away

Choice—it’s that most precious of constructs, and sometimes it seems like nothing but an illusion. But I do know this—even small choices can matter. And the first time I realized how important that could be was in third grade. This

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