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Dragon Hoard–always free to everyone

Dragon Hoard ebook cover 2017

Twelve tales of Faerie, including dragons, trolls, gargoyles, and pixies–as well as some humans who do not escape unchanged.


Stolen Legacy–free to those who join my Reading Friends


Stolen-Legacy-low res cover


Being different can be dangerous. Falada must rescue her friend, Jentelle, before her secret can be discovered. Many humans kill what they don’t understand.


Twelve Tales of Christmas–my Christmas present to the world


Christmas isn’t always “Jingle Bells” and “Ho, ho, ho.” Come enter worlds of beauty and dread, and enjoy yuletide yarns delicious enough to tempt even St. Nick.


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The Golden Key

Golden Key ebook cover--smaller size

Gunter, a German farmer, has lost all his sons to the terrible war to end all wars. Can a golden bird somehow help him discover their fate?





Memories of the Past



Story Emporium


Bleak New World cover

A Bleak New World


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  The Art of Losing