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Merry Christmas

Christmas joy can be an elusive thing. We place so many expectations on this holiday; it can be difficult to live up to them. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite memes, and I hope they spark a smile

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Free Promos Part 3–The Quest for Rank

Ah…the dream. The captivating thought that you’ll click onto your book listing and discover that you’ve penned a book that shot up to number one. But as time goes on, you discover increments. Maybe not number one in the whole

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Free Promos Part 2–Promoting a Book the Second Time

Following the success of my free Golden Key promotion (A Totally Free Promo) I decided to repeat the same promo for Dragon Hoard, now that I was armed with better information about what the individual promoters could reasonably achieve. This

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Why You Might Want to Publish Your Reader Magnet

I’ve spoken already about why you might want to give your work away here:, but there’s another time that even writers who’d prefer to only sell their work end up offering it for free. Reader magnets. These go by

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