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Therese portrait 2010Even as a child, I always wanted to write fiction, but for many years I never had anything I thought was good enough to share. I finally began by writing biographies of my family members, mostly those from the Greatest Generation, since I have a keen interest in history. After that, the whole process seemed a lot more possible, as if something inside me had clicked into place. So, then I sat down and started writing novels, and it was like they exploded out of me. Eighteen months later, I had seven novels written and no idea what to do with them.

Editing and revision are still a work in progress for me, as is learning about publishing and promotion. I’d like to invite you to join me for those parts of this journey you find relevant.

I also enjoy writing short stories. Some I submit to online mags and publishers, but others go straight to my blog. I write mostly fantasy, but ghost stories, historicals, and even the odd contemporary tickles my fancy at times.

Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

Cathleen Townsend Interview with Longshot Island
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Fun Facts about Me (with associated short memoirs)

I work in construction–Frick and Frack

I’m an animal lover–A Worm’s Tale

I once went scuba diving with a mako shark–Dive

I survived a plane crash–The Taste of Fear

I’ve sailed racing catamarans–Race Day

I appreciate unexpected gifts–The Great American Eclipse



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Tweet (138 characters): Avid reader, writer, and lover of fairy tales. Hangs out with dragons, faeries, and anyone who likes a good story at cathleentownsend.com.

50 words: Cathleen Townsend loves a good tale, especially if it involves fantasy. She resides in California’s gold county, nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, which in her mind contains trolls, brownies, kobolds, and dwarves, although they persist in lurking unseen. She loves to chat with readers on her blog: cathleentownsend.com.

100 words: Cathleen Townsend loves a good tale, especially if it involves fantasy. She resides in gold country in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, which is fortunate because it encourages her to leave her keyboard and take her dogs for walks. She loves to chat with readers on her blog: cathleentownsend.com.

Cathleen has been published by Raven International Publishing, Thinkerbeat, Everyday Fiction, Fantasia Divinity, Story Emporium, Just a Minor Malfunction, and Longshot Island. A free digital copy of her first short story collection, Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie, is available to all comers at all the major retailers.


Published works in print:

my books 4-2018

Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie

Twelve Tales of Christmas

“Unicorn” in Memories of the Past: 2016 Anthology

“Candle in the Dark” in Story Emporium: Purveyors of Steampunk and Weird Western Adventure

“Property” in A Bleak New World

“Trojan Wargames” in The Art of Losing


Published works online:

Dragon Hoard


A Worm Tale

Feral Refrigerator

Picture Perfect


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