The Art of Losing

Author’s note: Unfortunately, this book has gone out of print.

sample front and back 3 (1)I’m honored to be part of the first Thinkerbeat Anthology, for my short story Trojan Wargames.

The Art of Losing explores many states of loss: “loss of life, loss of friends, loss of family, and even loss of mind. If you’ve read any of these stories already, you’ll know they come in all colors from the highly invigorating to the completely morbid. They’ll make you laugh and (most likely) make you cry.”

My own short story came out of writing my novel, Bellerophon, a retelling of the Greek myth by the same name. Bellerophon was the grandfather of one of the warriors who fought on Troy’s side of the Trojan War, and it was like I could see the pieces of the later conflict edge into place as I wrote about the gods who held the lives of men in their not-consistently-caring hands.

The Trojan War has fascinated me since I was a child. The sheer dedication, the lives wagered and lost, all ostensibly for the love of a beautiful woman, although really it was more about the pride of kings and warriors. And the fealty and courage of Hector never failed to move me. By the end of the conflict, I couldn’t bear the thought of Troy falling, even though I knew it must.



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