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Author Press Kits

Apparently, we’re supposed to have a press  kit before we even publish a book, but I’m just getting the memo. In case anyone else is as behind the power curve on this concept as I am, I thought I’d pass

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Quest for a Hero

London, 1985 It was lunchtime, and the line for the sandwich shop wound out the door. Terrence hated when it got busy like this. By the time customers made it to the counter, they were all holding onto their tempers

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Frick and Frack

It’s not easy being the lone woman on a construction site. I always enjoy seeing another gal working there. Secretaries don’t count—most of the time, I can’t even get a key to the ladies’ porta-potty out of them. But now

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Why Readers Stop Reading a Book.

Originally posted on Lit World Interviews:
Recently, we here at conducted a survey, “Why do you put a book down?” and through the assistance of the writing community we had a very nice response. Now it’s time to share…

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Naked Sky

Margaret stifled a scream and rammed her shovel into the soil. It was hard, hard as the reaper himself and unyielding as death. She jumped on the shovel and it sank a couple inches deeper. The shovelful joined the rest

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Blog Birthday

“Happy birthday to me,” sings the blog. *toots party horn* My blog is a year old, and it seems like a good time to reflect and discuss a course for the future. I’ve met a lot of blog goals in

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Interview with Mick Canning

I met Mick through his wonderful blog, located at, and I was delighted when he agreed to be a guest here today. Let’s start with you, Mick. Tell us about yourself. I’ve always been writing, and completed 2 novels a

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