It’s great to have you here. I’m Cathleen Townsend, and I write noblebright fantasy.  This site is mostly about my journey, becoming an author–things I’ve learned, and books I read and write. It’s sorted by category below, or you can check out my recent posts, located on my sidebar (below this page if you’re on a tablet or phone).


My Books

my books 4-2018

These include works offered by my publishing imprint, Phoenix Flight Press, as well as tales published in trade anthologies. All of them are speculative fiction, usually fantasy.

Stolen Legacy is free to everyone who joins my Reading Friends, and I also offer a free copy of Dragon Hoard to all comers at all major retailers.

Check back from time to time–this section expands on a regular basis.


* Short Stories

rackham vintageI’ve blogged quite a few of these, and they’re mostly fantasy. However, I also offer ghost stories, memoirs, and a contemporary tale for your reading pleasure.

There’s nothing quite like taking in a whole story in just a few minutes. I hope you have as much fun reading these tales as I did writing them.





Words can be elegant, beautiful, and frustrating–and they’re always necessary to convey meaning in print.

We need to entice people to read our words, and to do that, we have to make them interesting. We must provide value for the time people spend reading them.

So I have some quick tips to assist you on your road to mastery.


*Social Media


Is it time to join the millions who have Facebook pages, who know how to tweet and have figured out how to blog? Perhaps like me, you’re a writer, and social media is part of your chosen career. Or maybe you’re passionate about something that no one close to you understands (writing counts–trust me on this). And now you want to connect to others who share your enthusiasm.

Whatever your reasons, I have some tips here.



publishIs there anything more frightening than hitting that publishing button? You’ll have to work through the fear on your own, but some background knowledge can help.

So I’ve got some tips here, some from me, some from others, to help you feel more confident about putting your work out into the world.




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