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GDPR (the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation) is creating quite a few ripples among bloggers and authors with mailing lists. I think something like this is long overdue to protect consumers, so I’m doing my best to comply. Just in case you’re not aware, you don’t have to be in the UK to be affected by GDPR. I live in California, but I have folks who visit my blog and are on my mailing list from the UK, so the law applies to me as well.

So, here goes. I’ll do my best, but no lawyers were used in the making of this policy. 🙂

  1. I have no idea if my site uses cookies or not. (Tech is not an area of strength for me.) may need them to make the site function properly, but if they do, I don’t have access to them.
  2. Comments on my site are public record–anyone can see them. I’ve never done anything with them (nor do I intend to) other than to reply to them here or to use the link to visit the commenter’s blog.
  3. I’ve never loaded my email list onto Facebook to try to find more names to advertise to (called generating a “look-alike” list). It always struck me as crossing a line on trust. I use my email list to send my personal emails. That’s all. I will never make it available to any third party. The last scruple also applies to people who follow my blog. Also, if you follow my blog, I will not automatically add you to my email list. You have to decide to join that (or not) yourself.
  4. I’m not an affiliate with anyone, for anything, anywhere. If I recommend something, either on my blog or my newsletter, it’s just because I like the book or service.
  5. For my email list, I have a welcome email that asks people questions about themselves. I read and respond to these, and then delete them. The only data I keep is a simple tally sheet with age ranges and where people buy books, and that doesn’t have any names attached to the data, so your response will be anonymous in terms of storage.
  6. Similarly, WordPress keeps statistics on blog visits. For any given month, week, or year, I can see how many times my site was accessed, and which posts were viewed. As far as I know, WordPress doesn’t keep records concerning what any one individual viewed. If they do, I don’t have access to them.
  7. To my knowledge, I don’t have anyone but WordPress collecting data from my site. I don’t have Google Analytics (it’s unavailable to users), and I’ve never given Facebook or anyone else permission to collect data from my site.
  8. You are free to unsubscribe from my email list or blog at any time. On my emails, the unsubscribe link is located at the lower right hand corner. I contacted MailerLite about making this larger and brighter, but apparently, info in the footer isn’t something I can modify. So it’s not super-noticeable, but it is there.

This is hardly scintillating reading material, but if you have an email list, you definitely need a privacy policy that you can link to. This link needs to be on your email list landing page so anyone can see what they’re getting into before they decide to join. If you’re just getting the memo on GDPR, I highly recommend heading to Kirsten Oliphant’s site ( because she’s done a lot of work on this particular topic.

Thanks for sticking with me on this post, and I hoped it helped somebody. 🙂

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