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Send Sunshine by Jessica Edouard

I highly recommend this little inspirational book. I generally look at these sorts of things hoping for a little lift, something that will help me stand straighter and dive back into working. Send Sunshine met my expectations with flying colors.

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Interview with Jacqui Murray

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy and To Hunt a Sub, her debut fiction. She is the author/editor of over a hundred books on

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An Easy, Fast, Ethical Way to Find Online Pics Using Google

Graphics. We all need them. Okay, once in a while we blog something with our own personal photos, but most of the time I need something quicker than creating images from scratch. So I look for other image sources. You

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Publish or Perish

Diana rubbed her eyes and squinted at the monitor. Almost six million hits when she Googled grimoire! How would she ever find the right one? Still, she checked them every moment she didn’t have to wait tables or sleep. She’d

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Two Publications in August!

My story this week is good news–a worthy topic by itself. And I do have a story for you to read. You just have to go to Fantasia Divinity to check it out. August is shaping up to be an

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