Send Sunshine by Jessica Edouard

send sunshine coverI highly recommend this little inspirational book. I generally look at these sorts of things hoping for a little lift, something that will help me stand straighter and dive back into working. Send Sunshine met my expectations with flying colors.

Or perhaps more accurately, with beautiful illustrations. My favorite quote is: “There are no magic keys, secrets, or lessons. We make choices.” But the quote is so integrated into the lush floral imagery that you need to see the original to appreciate it.

So go check it out–I give this book five stars. As I write this post, it’s even free, which is a deal that’s hard to beat.

And thanks, Jessica, for a lovely interlude in my day.

Avid writer and reader of Faerie tales and noblebright fantasy.

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14 comments on “Send Sunshine by Jessica Edouard
  1. Bernadette says:

    Thanks Cathleen for the recommendation. It is hard to write an inspirational book that has a fresh perspective.

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    Thank you for the recommendation!

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  3. I could use a bit of sunshine at times. Thanks for this!

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    Cathleen, I like the idea of having to explore the image for the deeper message. A new twist on these types of book. It just looks beautiful.😀

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  5. cav12 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Cathleen. I can do with inspirational quotes!!

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  6. Christy B says:

    I follow Jessica’s blog and find it so uplifting 🙂 Great to read your review of her book here!

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  7. I’m glad you both enjoyed the review, cav12 and Christy. Her book is even better. 🙂

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  8. So much love to you and all who have followed or read my look book! 💛 Always Light, always love…together, we ARE the difference!

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