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There’s a New E-zine in Town–Interview with Madeline Stout

I met Madeline through Absolute Write, a site which I highly recommend for writers looking to polish their skills. Madeline posted a submission call for her new magazine there, Fantasia Divinity, and I submitted my short story, “Unicorn,” to her.

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Lessons From a Border Collie

A couple months ago, I went to a shelter to adopt a new dog. I came home with Finn, a two-year-old border collie. The important thing you need to know about Finn is that he’s a fanatic. If I bend

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Tool Thief

“We’ve got to keep better track of our tools today,” Tom said as we pulled up to our jobsite. It was a beautiful brick addition to the community college in Santa Rosa, about an hour north of San Francisco, traffic

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The Nod and Smile Editing Passes

A reasonably common piece of advice is to be careful not to overuse the words nod and smile. Beats are a lovely alternative to dialogue tags, but we can’t go to the obvious wells too often. I knew this. I’d

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The Taste of Fear

Fear comes in many flavors. There’s the adrenaline rush, so addictive for some that they seek safe forms so they can experience it on demand. There’s the sick dread of seeing something coming and knowing there’s no way to stop

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