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Born in a Treacherous Time by Jacqui Murray

Jacqui Murray has done it again–she’s released yet another fast-paced book for our reading pleasure. This time she’s jumped genres, and she’s taking us on a tour of prehistoric Africa. *** Born in the harsh world of East Africa 1.8

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The Golden Key is released!

Another ebook has made it to the digital shelves–The Golden Key is now available at all major retailers. 🙂 This was probably the easiest story I ever wrote, which gives me hope that perhaps I’m getting speedier about this whole

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Happy Mother Goose Day

In addition to being May Day and National Chocolate Parfait Day, May 1st is also Mother Goose Day. Huzzah! I loved Mother Goose rhymes as a child, and I used them a lot when I taught kindergarten and first grade.

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My Privacy Policy

GDPR (the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation) has created some new requirements for bloggers and authors with mailing lists. I’m doing my best to comply, and publicly posting my privacy policy is part of that. So, here goes. I’ll give

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Maps and Map-making with Soraya Corcoran

Isn’t this a terrific map? Soraya Corcoran made it for my upcoming release, Bellerophon, and I love it. It has just the right vintage flavor for a map of Greece, set a couple of generations prior to the Trojan War.

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National Tolkien Reading Day

Now this is a holiday I can get into–it ranks right up there with Tell a Fairy Tale Day in my book. It was chosen because it was on this very day, March 25th, that Frodo dropped the ring into

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Noblebright Fantasy–Stepping into the Light

Back in the late seventies and throughout the eighties, fantasy was dominated by stories written in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien. Some darker stories were certainly published, but what I loved most about the genre were the endless permutations of

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