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Dr. Metifunger’s Transdimensional Veterinary Clinic

To say that Dr. Mabel Sassani’s first day on the job proved to be difficult was a severe understatement. Sure, she was a fully qualified veterinarian, trained to deal with any number of emergencies. But nothing had prepared her for

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Hues of Hope by Balroop Singh

Hues of Hope is the latest volume of poetry by Balroop Singh, a work inspiring in both its diversity and sentiments. Let’s face it—the last couple of years aren’t likely to be called “the good old days.” When we tell

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Sticking the Landing

Mark Hamilton. Katarina Witt. Torvil and Dean. Between them, they made pure beauty happen on the ice during the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo. Not even ballerinas could rival the skaters’ fantastic grace. I devoured every minute of television coverage, just

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Plot-driven or action-driven

This is for all the writers and other language nerds out there. : ) A long-time beta friend of mine, Amphora Graye, has recently release a series of articles on character and plot. While I highly recommend just generally clicking

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Social Media–Gettr done

It’s a new year, and I’m going to try something new, even though this involves writing a post on a topic I thought I was done with–social media. But hey, time moves on, things change, and all that. Twitter has

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Christmas Pageant

Is Christmas the season of giving or is it a time of getting? While everyone but the most hardened grinches usually insist that giving is more important, most of us do need something in return. And it’s not necessarily anything

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Kai’s Gift

Kai growled and threw his guitar pick as hard as he could. Then he sighed. It was his last one. Using considerably more care than he’d shown to the pick, he set his guitar gently in its case, taking a

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Warning: This is normally an apolitical place, where I write about fantasy inns, Greek gods, and things like mysterious stone tablets appearing out of nowhere. But the following is a ghost story with a political point, and if you wish

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The Portly Pegasus Inn: Some Unexpected Trouble and a New Drink

It’s not enough just to enter Faerie—it has to be done at the right spot, or it would be much smarter to stay home. Of course, as long as people know how to cross, no one can stop them from

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“Everyone must pay tribute to the King,” I declare to the older lady who hovers nearby. I had given her a rare gift—an unexpected truth—but caution still wars with generosity in her faded blue eyes as she clutches her purse.

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