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The Stories Behind To the Victor: Tales of Magic and Adventure

For those of you who like to know the backstory of things, I thought a few snippets concerning what went into the tales contained in To the Victor¬†might be interesting. Anemone: I’ve never met a real mermaid, of course, even

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Twelve Tales of Christmas

Christmas isn’t always “Jingle Bells” and “Ho, ho, ho.” In these Twelve Tales of Christmas, even Santa has to deal with unexpected German Shepherds and reindeer who suddenly want to learn the tango. A dryad works feverishly with a teenage

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Just a Minor Malfunction edited by Michael S. Alter (with a story by Cathleen)

Okay, so this review is not entirely disinterested–please note that I’m one of the authors. This collection includes my flash sci-fi story, “Picture Perfect”, about a girl who loved her cellphone into sentience, a la The Velveteen Rabbit. There really

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What’s In a Name by Sally Cronin

What’s in a name? Everything. As someone who has gone through the entire official argy-bargy to get my name legally changed, I appreciate the power behind the monikers we bear. Sally Cronin obviously shares this sensibility because this short story

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Two Publications in August!

My story this week is good news–a worthy topic by itself. And I do have a story for you to read. You just have to go to Fantasia Divinity to check it out. August is shaping up to be an

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Interview with Teresa Karlinski

Teresa is one of my writer friends that I met through Blog Battle. I’ve enjoyed her contemporary shorts, and I highly recommend you check them out on her blog, How the Cookie Crumbles.¬†Teresa lives with her cats Dickens and Lady

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Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie

Discover twelve tales of Faerie and experience its paradox–both close and inaccessible–peopled with heroes, rogues, and ciphers. A modern dragon who desires more than mere gold, A troll who longs for the kiss of sunlight on his skin, Pixies who

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