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The Stories Behind To the Victor: Tales of Magic and Adventure

For those of you who like to know the backstory of things, I thought a few snippets concerning what went into the tales contained in To the Victor might be interesting. Anemone: I’ve never met a real mermaid, of course, even

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Bellerophon: Son of Poseidon

I finally got this one published–my first novel. I drafted it four years ago, and it’s been a long revision process, with a steep learning curve. But I think it’s pretty good now, and even though it’s me saying it,

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The Golden Key is Free for a short time, plus First Chapter Excerpt

The Golden Key is free for a short time! I’m really proud of this book–I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. And for a couple of weeks, you can get it without plunking down the price of a

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Twelve Tales of Christmas

Christmas isn’t always “Jingle Bells” and “Ho, ho, ho.” In these Twelve Tales of Christmas, even Santa has to deal with unexpected German Shepherds and reindeer who suddenly want to learn the tango. A dryad works feverishly with a teenage

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Stolen Legacy: The Story Behind the Story

A disembodied horse head—one that still speaks. A princess who doesn’t lift a finger to stop her identity being stolen, and then never tries to end the nightmare and go back home. A queen who sends her daughter away for

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Stolen Legacy

Being different can be dangerous. Falada is a kelpie, hated and feared because she can change shape. Only Jentelle has looked past Falada’s outward appearance to see the person within. And now Jentelle must marry the prince of the neighboring

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Three More Reviews for The Art of Losing

We’ve gotten three more reviews for The Art of Losing and our editor, Daniel White, has put us in for an IPPY! You’ll definitely hear more about the IPPY if it pans out, but for now, I thought I’d share

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