Three More Reviews for The Art of Losing

The Art of Losing ebook for blogWe’ve gotten three more reviews for The Art of Losing and our editor, Daniel White, has put us in for an IPPY! You’ll definitely hear more about the IPPY if it pans out, but for now, I thought I’d share the reviews.

  • A beautiful anthology of shorts – all of which explore the concept of loss. These are stories that will haunt the imagination and the memory long after you’ve finished reading, spanning an emotional scale which stretches from the poignant to the grief-stricken. Many address the heart-break of bereavement, or the break-down of relationships. Others steer into fantasy or whimsy – I’m thinking here, for example, of Jill Hand’s wonderful narrative, “The Shop of Lost Things.”
    Really enjoyed this and hoping to read more from the creative people of Thinkerbeat in the future.


  • An anthology of short stories is always wonderful because you can hear the voices of so many different writers. This anthology, reflecting on loss in its many forms, lets us hear the writers hearts and voices.

    We travel from dusty roads in Ghana to New York City subways, and on to Minnesota fields listening to the many different authors’ voices speaking about the different faces of loss. Some times experiencing loss is confusing, sometimes the return from loss is glorious, sometimes loss is shared and comforted. In all of these stories each author deftly wraps us in a new situation, and takes us to a place sometimes familiar, sometimes unexplainable, but always touching our hearts and minds. Some of the stories you enjoy for the moment, some will make you think days onward. All of them are truly enjoyable.

    It is no small feat to put so many stories together in a form that makes for a good ‘day read’. Editor Daniel S. White has orchestrated the flow of the book so that you never want to stop reading. Just when a heavy narration has ended, he offers an adventure to pick up your spirits to follow. The whole of the book gives you a feeling of life in all its facets of loss, but leaves you with hope soaring in your heart.

 Tari Lee on Goodreads, Jan 29 2016


  • “Variety” is the keyword to The Art of Losing. That makes reading this short story anthology rather adventurous. In one story you may find yourself with someone who’s reminiscing romantically or melancholically about something that’s gone away, in a contemporary story. In the next you find yourself in a futuristic situation, with a hint of what awaits you or perhaps your grandchildren. From there on you move into the more fantastic, or the violent, or the psychotic. I found reading The Art of Losing a pleasure because of this wild range of stories. Another thing that’s special here, is the range of authors. I was surprised by the quality of many of these stories because these are not your run of the mill acknowledged authors; these are promising new names. A personal favorite of mine is The Shop of Lost Things —a story that charms me personally; I’m sure its title is as telling to you as it was to me. I strongly recommend The Shop of Lost Things by Jill Hand for the curious reader, the kind of story that has a larger than life quality. Somewhere in there are deeper stories on other levels, I’m sure, and perhaps that is another quality of The Art of Losing: that I will pick it up again in the near future. (PS This review concerns the Kindle ebook version; excellent technical execution and editing.
MHV’s review Jan 26, 2016, Amazon

Avid writer and reader of Faerie tales and noblebright fantasy.

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3 comments on “Three More Reviews for The Art of Losing
  1. Congratulations! Fingers crossed regarding the IPPY. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Thanks, Tess, mine are, too.


  3. davidjrogersftw says:

    Yes, I think that The Beauty of Words can be most beautiful when describing loss, especially grief.


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