The Short Story–Making a Comeback

renaissance man writingShort stories appear to be undergoing a renaissance. Hurray!

I’ve always enjoyed short stories. I won’t say I like them better than novels or poems or any other form, but I enjoy having them on the menu, as it were. In case I’m in the mood.

And I’m not alone. Leslie Kauffman stated in the article Good Fit for Today’s Little Screens, “[Short] Stories are also perfect for the digital age…because readers want to connect and want that connection to be intense and to move on. That is, after all, what a short story is all about.”

reading on cell phoneAs a writer, I enjoy the nearly-instant gratification. I can write, edit, get feedback on, revise, and post or submit a whole story, all in the same week. Let’s face it, even if I’m awesome, a novel is going to take a couple months just to draft and edit. And then there’s finding beta partners with time and a similar length project to swap, incorporating critique which often brings to mind other revisions as well, proofreading, and submitting or doing all the work that comes with self-publishing a novel—covers, wrestling with formatting, etc.

I quite enjoy the lesser level of devotion that shorts require. It’s a date, not a whole relationship.

That sense of freedom can be just what a writer needs sometimes. It’s given me the chance to explore different things that can build momentum in my novel-writing as well. I’ve been on a ghost story kick lately—I have no idea why. But it’s been fun. I even wrote a drabble, a complete story told in a hundred words, which is something I never thought I’d attempt.

And face it, when all your creative time is being spent on stuff that not creating—blogging, social media, critiquing, revising—the thought of just chucking all that for a time and actually writing again can give you a profound feeling of release.

So I’ll be looking for more places to submit my short stories. I’ve already blogged about submitting to mags using the Grinder, a free site that lists a plethora of trade publishing opportunities. And I’ve written about Blog Battle, which is a short story a week event that I highly recommend. I’ll post and reblog other venues as I find them.

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2 comments on “The Short Story–Making a Comeback
  1. I’m enjoying doing short stories too Cathleen. 🙂

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  2. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of it. Novels I have to plan. Shorts can just happen. 🙂


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