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Free Promos Part 2–Promoting a Book the Second Time

Following the success of my free Golden Key promotion (A Totally Free Promo) I decided to repeat the same promo for Dragon Hoard, now that I was armed with better information about what the individual promoters could reasonably achieve. This

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How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Gain Followers and Build Your Audience

One of Twitter’s advantages compared to other forms of social media is that it’s possible to build a network quickly. But if you don’t want a network with nothing but bots and online marketers, you’ll need to find some real

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How to Use Twitter Effectively without Having to Actually Read Your Twitter Feed

Some people dislike sifting through the Twitter feed, but they still need a social media presence. The good news is you can still use Twitter, just as an offshoot of blogging. And it hardly takes any time. First you’ll need

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Trying to Pick and Choose

I’ve spent the past year trying to learn what to do to become a real, no-kidding professional writer. I started with learning about queries. They were like the gateway drug to this whole process. My first query took forever. Okay,

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