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Don’t Make My Mistake

I’ve been posting about free newsletter marketing lately, but I did try my first paid marketing campaign, for The Golden Key, this past summer. It had a couple of high moments, but overall I made a blunder that I’d like

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Free Promos Part 3–The Quest for Rank

Ah…the dream. The captivating thought that you’ll click onto your book listing and discover that you’ve penned a book that shot up to number one. But as time goes on, you discover increments. Maybe not number one in the whole

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Why You Might Want to Publish Your Reader Magnet

I’ve spoken already about why you might want to give your work away here:, but there’s another time that even writers who’d prefer to only sell their work end up offering it for free. Reader magnets. These go by

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Free Books: Why You Might Want to Give Your Work Away

There’s a certain underlying philosophy concerning free books that I want to touch on briefly here. Some people (including me) believe that a good way to find new readers is to remove the bar to entry by making your book

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Rachael Thompson @BadRedheadMedia hosts a fantastic event for writers on Twitter every Wednesday evening from 6-7 p.m. Pacific time. It’s called Book Marketing Chat, and every week she addresses a specific topic to help writers market their books. Last week she

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