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Helpful Facebook Tips for Authors

Since I’ve been putting more effort into Facebook, I’m actually starting to build a network, something which has eluded me before. The downside is that you have to be careful adding friends. I was asked personal information about my marriage

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Facebook–How to Automate Sharing Your Blog Posts

This is something a social media expert walked me through the first time, but it turns out it’s not very hard. I have a separate Facebook page devoted to my writing, and I set it up through WordPress to automatically

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Facebook–Profiles vs. Pages

If you’ve opened a Facebook account, what you’ve got is a profile. One of the first things to consider is if you wish to add a page or even pages as well. If you’re already overwhelmed about adding Facebook to

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How to Sign Up for Facebook

Facebook is still arguably the most important social media around. In our ongoing quest to become competent on social media, it’s important not to overlook the beginning steps. To use Facebook, you must first have an account. This is how.

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Meet & Greet Sign-Up and Social Media Conference

People talk a lot about New Year’s resolutions, and I made one myself this year: I’m going to take ownership of my social media. Okay, in a way that sounds silly because who else do my Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.

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