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Your Protagonist Must Act

You can’t afford a passive protagonist. Writing advice abounds out in the blogosphere—I’ve contributed some of it myself. You can find interesting and informative posts on characters, plot, dialogue, and even commas. But here is one mistake that is literally

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What Do You Do When You Hit a Wall?

If you’ve been writing for any amount of time, it’s happened to you. You’re cranking along, a blissful conduit for the story flowing through you. It’s awesome. It’s the most incredible feeling in the whole world. And then, SCREECH! It

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Your Protagonist–Don’t Write a Mary Sue

New writers have a tendency to write characters who are unrealistically perfect. After all, if you’re female, wouldn’t it be great to have long blonde hair, perfect boobs, and big blue eyes that charm every guy around? And if you’re

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