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Your Protagonist Must Act

You can’t afford a passive protagonist. Writing advice abounds out in the blogosphere—I’ve contributed some of it myself. You can find interesting and informative posts on characters, plot, dialogue, and even commas. But here is one mistake that is literally

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Backstory Is Not Story

That might work in a cartoon, but you just can’t start your story with backstory. It seems like such a pity. The easiest solution is to start at the beginning and when we get to the end, stop. And y’know,

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Writing What You Know

This is common advice, along with write from your heart. But sometimes, when things are said in sound bites, it’s easy to become confused. After all, if we only write what we directly know, we could never have a story set

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Interview with Jo Zebedee

Jo Zebedee writes science fiction and fantasy, sometimes in her space opera world of Abendau, sometimes in her native Northern Ireland. In between, she works, runs after kids, pets and a husband, not always in that order. Abendau’s Heir, book

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