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Seven raised his head and let out a piteous meow. But no answer came from the room full of cold metal cages, only monsters barking from the room next door. Just a few days ago, his world had been made

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Picture Perfect

The cell phone buzzed and Amanda picked it up eagerly. She read the text and clutched the phone to her chest, ecstatic over a date with the guy she’d met at the pool party last weekend. “What would I do

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A shudder of pleasure ran through the oak as the girl settled herself at its base. She pulled out her notebook of sheet music and unpacked her guitar. As she tuned the strings, the oak basked in the warm sun

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This is the final episode of a serial. Part one is Air Attack, and part two is Griffin Egg. Seeking a Haven is part three. *spoiler alert* In part one a teen girl, Amy, and her brownie companion, Morin, help

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Air Attack

“Harpies at three o’clock!” Gondar groaned. He’d already lost three of his squad to enemy scouts, including their only archer. Evasion was their best chance at survival. “Tree cover is better to the right,” he yelled. The five fae sprinted

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