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Liars and Thieves by D. Wallace Peach

Goblins, elves, and changelings—they’d lived together for ages in an uneasy peace, in a world where only a Veil separated them from their gods. They’d successfully shared their world, but it was unclear if they could continue to share its

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The Oathbreakers’ Guild by D. Wallace Peach

This is book two in Ms. Peach’s  Rose Shield quartet, and it begins with Catling, the apprenticeship influencer, one who affects how others around her feel–she can literally broadcast either love or pain onto them. But Catling has an ability

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Catling’s Bane by D. Wallace Peach

I found Catling’s Bane to be a highly enjoyable read. In chapter one, we’re introduced to the protagonist, Catling, on Hanging Day, an event where the onlookers’ emotions are manipulated until they react to the display with nothing but joy—even

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Interview with D. Wallace Peach

Today’s guest is the lovely Diana Peach, whose blog, Myths of the Mirror, I highly recommend. Welcome to the Beauty of Words, Diana. Thank you, Cathleen, for the opportunity to talk about writing on your blog. I can do that

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