The Quest for Home by Jacqui Murray

Quest for Home coverJacqui Murray has released another book in her prehistoric man series: The Quest for Home. With this volume she’s managed an extremely difficult trick—a sequel that picks up where the last book left off, and yet a reader who’s new to the series can start with this story and be totally engaged. If you’re not an author, maybe you don’t know how hard this is, but picture me bowing very low in homage. This constitutes a real writing victory. Trust me on this.

I call it a prehistoric man series, but the tale actually focuses on a woman—Xhosa, a strong female protagonist if there ever was one. When the story opens, Xhosa is yanked back to awareness by sheer blinding pain. She had no idea it was possible to hurt so much. And when she recalls the events that led to her torment, it only gets worse. Hawk, the warrior and leader who was going to be her mate, is gone, lost in the battle that led to her wounding. And as she tries to pick up the pieces of what her life has become and carry on, it becomes clear that she doesn’t know who she can trust now.

Meticulously researched and so vividly portrayed, The Quest for Home chronicles the Homo Erectus tribes as they spread across Eurasia in search of a new place that they can make theirs and theirs alone. We might tend to root for Homo Sapiens since that’s what we are, but our direct ancestors were relentless persecutors of Homo Erectus. And that’s not even counting the formidable difficulties of weather, predators, treachery from within, and simply finding enough to eat. Our prehistoric ancestors were tough, facing challenges that would overwhelm most of us. I developed a serious sense of respect for these long-ago characters. That’s how real their portrayal is.

All lovers of the bestselling Clan of the Cave Bear should check out this book. You can thank me later. The Look Inside is here: Happy reading!

*A small note on the timing of this post: I was going to sit on this review for another week, but then Facebook informed me that it’s Jacqui’s birthday today. Personally, I can’t think of a gift I’d like better than a good review, so I released it today instead, even though I’d just posted a review for Robbie Cheadle’s While the Bombs Fell. So, if you’re interested in more recent history (WWII), give that story a look as well. It’s the post just before this one. : ) *


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27 comments on “The Quest for Home by Jacqui Murray
  1. Wonderful! Great review and such a lovely birthday surprise for our amazingly talented friend–kudos and best wishes all around Jacqu Murray! ❤ Can't wait to read this one… I've got to take time off over the holidays to catch up on my reading. Wishing you both a blessed and beautiful Christmas season! ❤ xoxo

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  2. JM Williams says:

    Haha, yes a good review is a great birthday present!

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  3. A lovely review of Jacqui’s book, Cathleen. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Great review Cathleen and I agree, I am enjoying the trilogy very much.. Congratulations to Jacqui…and Happy Birthday…

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  5. Thank you so much for featuring me! And on my birthday. What a wonderful gift!

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  6. Excellent review, Cathleen. I’m eager for the next one!

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  7. So great to read your review, Cathleen! Through blogging, I became aware of Jacqui’s amazing books and everything you write about this one is spot on! Congrats to her for her successful series!

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