Memory’s Wake by Selina Fenech

Memory's WakeMemory’s Wake by Selina Fenech has a gorgeous cover, and this is continued inside with chapter illustrations that could make JK Rowling sigh with envy, all the work of the talented author-illustrator. This greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the accompanying story.

The book is unexpectedly literal in its title. The main character is named Memory, although not by her choosing, at least not at first.


“I’ll give you a name,” Eloryn promised in desperation. Only one thought came to her. “Memory. Your name is Memory.”

The girl looked both horrified and amused. “You’re cruel.”


Memory is a rebellious teen from our world. She suddenly wakes with no memory of her previous self, in the company of an incomprehensible blonde girl, and pursued by a gang of men with an actual dragon at their beck and call. I’ve had some pretty bad days, but I don’t think any of them have started quite that intensely.

And that emotional connection with the characters never faded—I remained engaged with them up until the end, which is unfortunately not as common an experience as I would wish.

Memory’s Wake is the first installment in a trilogy. But the initial volume is free, which I always look at as a singularly generous gesture from an author. Ms. Fenech is giving us an entire volume as a preview. If you like that, there’s an inexpensive box set. If not, nothing lost on the reader’s part. As an avid reader who frequently had bills that strained the available amount of money, I always appreciate the last part.

So, for a satisfying classic fantasy read, go check the Look Inside here:

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7 comments on “Memory’s Wake by Selina Fenech
  1. Thanks for this review, Cathleen. I agree, this book has a lovely cover.

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  2. This does sound good. It’s odd how some authors forget that book must be satisfying. Glad you noted that.

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  3. Excellent review and lovely cover… Sharing!

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  4. Thanks so much, Bette. : )

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