Thanksgiving for New Year’s

For me, like for so many others, with each January comes resolutions. I normally try to keep my modifications small—walking or gardening three times a week, take a vitamin every day…that sort of thing.

My main resolution this year is difficult because there’s no real way to quantify it, but I think it’s worth trying anyway. I’m always happiest when I’m grateful. I want to notice more of the everyday moments of goodness and give thanks for them.

3. earhart quote

And it’s not as though it’s difficult to find something to be happy about.  I live in an oak wood and spring is just starting. The grass is a thick, impossibly brilliant carpet. I have a little stream that trickles by my house. Really, it’s not as though it’s challenging finding things to be grateful for. It’s beautiful where I live.

But I want this gratitude to carry over into other areas as well, and that’s where this next bit comes in. I’ve focused a lot on social media this last year, and I’ve posted a lot of quote memes, and funny animal pictures—you know the sort of thing. But I had to make my own, too, for my books, short stories, and blog posts, and that got me thinking of making thank-you memes.

4. Aesop quote

So, these are a two-for. They’re meant to be taken at face value for everyone who comes, reads, retweets, or comments—I’m truly grateful for all of you.

1. Twain quote

And these memes are useful, too. They’re totally new, so you can spread them about with abandon, knowing that I got my images from attribution-free sites (mostly Pixabay). It’s fun to think of them making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Carroll quote1


Thank you so much, each and every one of you.

Avid writer and reader of Faerie tales and noblebright fantasy.

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40 comments on “Thanksgiving for New Year’s
  1. Thank you for this post. Much appreciated.

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    And thank you too, this is a lovely post💜💜

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  3. […] via Thanksgiving for New Year’s […]


  4. willowdot21 says:

    Hi Cathleen, I couldn’t see a reblog button so I used the WordPress press this button to spread your lovely post. 💜

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  5. jenanita01 says:

    We do still have a lot to be thankful for, I think. The trick is remembering what they are…

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  6. Bernadette says:

    Wonderful post and beautiful memes.

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  7. Jennie says:

    Lovely, Cathleen.

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  8. writenlive says:

    Lovely memes 🙂 would love to spread them around!!

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  9. The world has been a down-in-the-dumps kind of place for a long while. It’s good to remember that there is still so much to be grateful for. Thanks for a wonderful post that made me smile today, Cathleen, and that reminded me to say “thank you.”

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    • It’s the reminders that help the most, at least for me. It’s not that I’m ungrateful. I just get sidetracked by all the other things I’m doing. Glad I gave you a smile–you’ve shared so many with all of us! 🙂

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  10. Thank you for this lovely post and for all of your kind words and deeds!

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  11. Ann Coleman says:

    Remembering to be grateful is so important! Thanks for these thoughtful and lovely memes!

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  12. That’s a great resolution, very positive!

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  13. Great memes, Cathleen and so nice to see you. I almost e-mailed you to make sure you were OK. I’m glad you had a nice break! If you read mine posted today, you will see that I am taking an extended break with the chance I may be done with blogging. Doesn’t mean we can’t connect again, and I will still follow your blog 🙂

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  14. An excellent resolution, Cathleen.

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  15. Living with a grateful heart is a gift that knows no end. I’m grateful for this lovely post. I see your pictures on Facebook, and they are always a treat for the soul. Thank you! 🙂

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  16. Wow. Sounds like you are another step towards the Buddhahood. And you’re spreading it for the world. Thank you.

    By the way I understand the bit about readership. Even though mine’s much smaller than yours yet, I feel so grateful towards people who take interest in, read, comment on or like my post. I guess it’s part of the reasons we write.

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    • Yeah, for some reason, art by itself isn’t enough for me if it’s not shared. That covers painting (my book covers) and the writing itself. Sharing it with others validates it for me in some inexplicable way. Perhaps it’s that art on its own seems somewhat selfish. Not until it’s evoked an emotional response in someone else does it begin to justify its existence. For me, the true measure of any piece of art is how many lives it touches, even in a small way, like making someone smile.


  17. Lovely post, Cathleen. I hope you’re writing up a storm. 🙂

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  18. cav12 says:

    This is a great idea, Cathleen. I started last year to write down what I was grateful for each day, but then I stopped. You have reminded how important it is to be grateful. Thank you for sharing 😀

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  19. You’re so welcome, Luciana. We all have so much to be thankful for. ❤


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