Are You Filtering Your Writing?

This is a guest blog I wrote for Allison Maruska on filtering. It’s a valuable tool for writers, but one that’s often overused. I share some thoughts and examples here. 🙂

Allison Maruska

Today’s post comes courtesy of the lovely and talented Cathleen Townsend, who offers some insight into what she sees when she wears her critique-ing hat. Take it away, Cathleen!


Allison suggested a guest post on critiquing, and I’ve actually been thinking about it for some time. I could simply give you a checklist, but there are many already out there. I’ve posted my favorite here:

filterSo what are filters and why should you care?

I look at filters as a necessary evil.

I just used a filter. I could write the first sentence of the last paragraph like this: Filters are a necessary evil. Most of the same information would have been imparted.

But I also wanted to communicate a certain level of uncertainty. An acknowledgement that we are in the territory of art and opinion, not solid fact, like how to use a comma. I did that by…

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3 comments on “Are You Filtering Your Writing?
  1. Wonderful guest post, Cathleen. Outstanding reminder. 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Tess. It’s important to keep the little boogers under control or they’ll take over your book. 🙂


  3. It’s so easy to rely on filters and a bit of a bear to pry them out. Well done article, Cathleen.


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