When to follow the rules?

We don't need no education

Okay, I love Pink Floyd’s music (although my favorite album was Wish You Were Here), but Grammarly’s absolutely right. Still, it was an effective protest. When do we follow the rules, and when should we deliberately break them? If we break them too often, will there even be rules at all?

Avid writer and reader, especially of fantasy. Learning about social networking and always interested in honing my writing skills. Contact me at cathleentownsend.com.

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2 comments on “When to follow the rules?
  1. JAKA says:

    I don’t know about the music, but I think we should, as writers, break the ‘rules’ if it feels right for the story.

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  2. I do, too, especially in dialogue. It’s finding that sweet spot between sounding like you’ve swallowed a manual and chaos. 🙂

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