New Year’s Resolutions


New Years resolution cartoonMy resolutions mostly have to do with writing goals this year. I’m trying to publish five books. Four are already drafted, three have had a couple beta readers give me feedback. I’ve nearly got a cover painted for one of them. I’m a slow painter. I may need to buy a cover or two for next year, but I’d much rather have my art. So here’s hoping I get faster at painting. Can’t really make that a goal, though. It’s not measurable.

My proposed novels are Bellerophon, a retelling of the Greek myth by the same name, and Snow White and the Civil War, Parts 1 and 2. I’m finishing up a Christmas story collection now, and I hope to be able to finish my ghost stories by fall. I have to write something between now and then anyway or I’ll go nuts. I did months of nothing but editing once, and it was a mistake.

I really hope this isn’t incredibly unbridled optimism on my part. I’ve been guilty of that in the past. But I’ll stand with those five books as my goal for 2016. And hopefully I’ll be able to keep all the other plates spinning, too. 🙂

Avid writer and reader of Faerie tales and noblebright fantasy.

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4 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions
  1. afhumphrey says:

    Oooh, good luck Cathleen! 🙂

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  2. christinadrh says:

    I actually think you will publish six. You’re well on your way Cathleen and I think your art is very cool!

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  3. Oh, I’m impressed, Cathleen… With you a Wonderful New Year! 🙂

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  4. Well, I haven’t pulled it off yet. As to artwork, that’s really the bottleneck. I studied how to paint, y’know, still lifes and landscapes, portraits and nudes. I worked from models. And they’re in pretty short supply while painting dragons and flying horses. So that part’s been a definite adjustment.

    I’m hoping all of you find worthy goals for 2016, too. We’ll figure out this publishing and promoting thing together. That’s one thing I’m really looking forward to. Reading each others books and cheering each other on.

    Thanks so much for the votes of confidence. 🙂


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