Chris Galford on A Bleak New World

Bleak New World coverThis is a reblog of a post by fellow author Chris Galford on his thoughts on being involved in the recently-released anthology, A Bleak New World. I’m in it, too, for my short story, Property, which is all about where too much debt could lead our society–and it’s not the stuff you read on the internet every day. It’s far more sinister than that.

The book is full of different visions for a world gone wrong. Dystopias are all cautionary tales, but this collection has some compelling characters as well.


Can you feel it in the air? The changing of the scenery, the dying of the light, the taste of damp and snow…no, I’m not talking Autumn. Naturally, I’m talking about the release of the anthology A BLEAK NEW WORLD

I was thrilled to be a part of this collection with my sci-fi short, “Clinging,” and I hope some of that comes across during an interview the rest of the writers and myself participated in as part of the anthology’s promotion today. Hosted on fellow writer Gregory Norris’s blog, the interview talks about the launch, how the project came together, as well as the inspirations and backstory to the individual writers’ pieces.


Read the rest of the post here:

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