How to Add a Mailchimp Newsletter to WordPress.Com Blog – with Style!

This is a reblog of Aniko Carmean’s excellent post. Let me tell you–I’m in awe.

I was under the impression that since Mailchimp had a plug-in, and won’t take plug-ins, that I was going to have to self-host and convert to to get it done. And y’know, it costs more money, and I’m a writer, so I’ve been pumping it all back into writing with little to show for it so far in terms of monetary rewards. (Three short story sales.)

But then my publisher informed me that we had a book coming out THIS MONTH, and that lit a fire under me. I found this lovely article buried in the WordPress help forum. It’s not even in the menu–it’s buried in the questions section.

I’m in awe. I mean, she even tells you how to fiddle with the colors. It would be enough if the thing worked–and it does work. If I can do it, you certainly can.

Aniko Carmean

The true gift of having a clearly defined definition of success is that you begin to find exactly what you need to achieve that success. I discovered  YOUR FIRST 1000 Copiesby Tim Grahl exactly when I needed a guide for book marketing. I want to get the word out about my books, and I want to do it without being subservient to a cumbersome system I neither understand nor enjoy. Grahl gives me a blueprint to achieve that, and having a newsletter is an integral element in his system. In this post, I share what I’ve learned about setting up a Mailchimp newsletter and integrating it into your (free) blog.

Here are the main points I will cover:

  • Getting started with Mailchimp
  • Customizing Your Mailchimp sign-up form to coordinate with your blog
    • Use Google’s built-in developer tools to find the hexidecimal code for colors on your site
    • Set the font or…

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