A Different Kind of Story Prompt

light bulb ideaToday’s post will be short because I found out about this brilliant thing yesterday. There’s not a ton to say, but it’s really worth a post on its own. I discovered it on Twitter, and it seriously made all the hours I’ve spent on social media seem well-spent.

It’s called the Writer Igniter, and it works like an electronic slot machine. Click the button that says, “Shuffle,” on the bottom and four wheels spin, offering a choice of characters, situations, props and settings. I spun it a bunch of times, and combined all four elements for some, but I ended up with twelve stories I really want to write. For example:

Mr. Popularity tries to pull off a crazy scheme, in a place that has a walled passage to a gate.

An assassin runs into an old rival and finds a hidden note in an old crowded city.

A former child prodigy (possibly chess) witnesses a crime and runs away, but is later handcuffed to a boat.

An athlete past his prime goes skydiving and finds a suitcase full of money.

Anyway, you get the idea. Even if it doesn’t come up with something you like, it gets you thinking about what you want, and that’s so much better than wracking your brain and getting depressed.

So have a go. It’s here: http://diymfa.com/writer-igniter.

Whoever came up with this nifty little thing, please accept my deepest thanks.

Avid writer and reader of Faerie tales and noblebright fantasy.

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3 comments on “A Different Kind of Story Prompt
  1. This sounds cool! Thanks for sharing.
    Antique collector hacks into an important computer system old photograph wooden homes.

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