Three Act Structure–Epilogue

internetwebsiteI hope the preceding posts were helpful in understanding the three act structure.

And because you’ve hung with me this long, dear readers (I’ve always wanted to say that), I have some useful links for you.

I would like to publicly thank and recommend the following sites, which have been extremely useful to me in preparing this series. Hopefully, they will be useful to you as well.

First of all, a fabulous visual representation of the three act structure, giving an abundance of the many names for the different plot points. If you’ve ever wondered about the inmost cave or the return of the elixir, you can find out about it here.

I almost hesitate to recommend Janice Hardy’s Fiction University, for fear you’ll go straight to her site and never visit mine again. She has a wealth of material on many facets of the writing process.

Kristen Lamb has a terrific site with a great deal of informative material as well. Here’s part one of story structure, although you’ll have to use the search box to find parts two through eight. It’s worth the extra effort, though.

Scribe meets world has an excellent worksheet that may help with your story planning. I recommend checking out his main site as well.

Dan Wells has a series of five videos on YouTube about story structure. The first one is here.

Brandon Sanderson has an entire college writing course available for free on YouTube. His first lecture on plotting would be a good place to start. Warning: this is a serious YouTube hole to sink yourself into. You may not emerge for days. Stock up on beverages and your favorite snack food.

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