facebookFacebook was the platform that really brought social media to ordinary people, not just computer geeks. And it’s still got the greatest volume of people, all of them looking for something interesting.

So why not help them out? Let’s put some share-worthy material out there. Here are some tips to get started. 🙂


facebook handsSocial Media Conference–Facebook: An introduction to the platform. Be sure to check the comments because that’s where other users weighed in with tips and tricks they’ve learned over time.

facebook_01How to Sign Up for Facebook: Here are the links to follow and the steps to take to get started. Plus I include some cautionary tips so you don’t wish you’d never taken the plunge.

facebook sunglassesFacebook–Profiles vs. Pages: When you sign up and start posting, you’re working from your profile. But you auto-post and gather likes on your blog to your Facebook page. Here are the differences and how to keep them straight.

facebook4Dialing in Sharing on Facebook: Dealing with the important questions What do I share? and How often should I share it? Important feedback from readers on this one in the comments.

facebook2Facebook–How to Automate Sharing Your Blog Posts: Walks you through the steps to have your WordPress.com blog automatically post all blogs to your Facebook page.

facebook worldHelpful Facebook Tips for Authors: Cautionary tips on adding friends to your profile, and other valuable articles gleaned from around the blogosphere on becoming more proficient at Facebook.



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