The Genie Hunt by M.C. Tuggle

The Genie HuntThe Genie Hunt is not your everyday read. At heart it’s a legal drama, something like John Grisham’s work. Except that Grisham tales never include genies in their crimes, which you have to admit makes it tough for a hard-working defense attorney.

Buddy Vuncannon’s old friend Coot has been set up to take the fall for a pawn shop robbery. Buddy believes Coot when he says he’s innocent, even though eyewitnesses say they saw Coot do it. And it doesn’t help that the DA bears Coot a grudge for past misdeeds.

Throw a little magic into the mix–which the jury will never believe–and Buddy doesn’t know what to do. Law school never prepared him for anything like this.

The small town Carolina setting and the friendships forged by the people who grew up there together give the story an authentic feel. I enjoy the occasional legal drama, and fantasy elements always pique my interest. I give it four stars.

So if a legal thriller combined with fantasy sounds like your kind of read, give it a try. You can look inside here:

Avid writer and reader of Faerie tales and noblebright fantasy.

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9 comments on “The Genie Hunt by M.C. Tuggle
  1. Enjoyed the review! 🙂

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  2. This sounds like a fun read with a twist.

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  3. This sounds delightful. I’m on the hunt for a few legal thrillers–why not a genie, too!

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  4. […] am honored by Cathleen Townsend’s review of The Genie Hunt. Thank you, […]

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  5. The cover says “Book One” have you read the following installments?
    The plot does sound interesting. In the past, I wondered what would happen if magical beings really existed and what impact that fact would have on the legal system.

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