Santa’s Test

Santa silhouette across moonSanta was preparing for his annual FAA inspection and check ride. He went through his list and checked it twice. Everything was in order. Once the ground preliminaries were completed, he and the inspector climbed into the sleigh. With a sharp shock, Santa noticed the inspector had a gun.

“What’s that for? Are you expecting hijackers?”

The inspector grinned. “No, I’m going to see how you handle losing an engine on take-off.”

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4 comments on “Santa’s Test
  1. Tae McDaniel says:

    Haha. Not where I was expecting that to go.

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  2. Todd Strubbe says:

    Okay. Now I want to read Santa’s Test.

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  3. I’m afraid I didn’t go into that level of world building for a joke. *hangs head*


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