10 Things that Prove Santa Is a Man

cartoon santa1. No dress sense
2. Never replies to your letters
3. The chances of getting what you ask for are NIL
4. Beer belly
5. Will only commit to one day a year
6. Obsessed with stockings
7. Never stops to ask for directions
8. Too lazy to shave
9. He always wears the same clothes
10. Only willing to do a job when people leave out food and drink for him….and then he doesn’t wash his plate.

Avid writer and reader, especially of fantasy. Learning about social networking and always interested in honing my writing skills. Contact me at cathleentownsend.com.

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3 comments on “10 Things that Prove Santa Is a Man
  1. paully1965 says:

    Cheeky!! 😉

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  2. This is hilarious!! It made my day 😀

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  3. I figured people would be too busy for serious brain cell usage until Christmas. So I’m going with Christmas humor until after the holiday.


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