Posting a Photo on Twitter

Twitter (4)I’ve been tweeting for a while now, getting a feeling for expressing myself in 140 characters or less. But the big exception to this is that we’re also allowed to post images. A picture can say a lot, particularly if you can add a few words to it.

So I bit the bullet today and went to the Twitter Help Center to find out how. And it turned out it was surprisingly easy. I gather that if you want to post pics straight from the web, you need to download software from a third party (TwitPic seems to be the clear favorite), but if you have or can download the image to your computer, it’s simple.

1) Go to the top of the Twitter feed, to the little message box that says, “What’s happening?”

2) Click on the little camera on the right.

3) A dialogue box will appear for your computer.

4) Simply choose the appropriate image file and double click to open, and ta-da, it’s there. The only caveat is that the image can’t be too large.

5) Add a message and post.

I love it when something turns out to be this easy. It happens so seldom with me and computers. 🙂

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