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Interview with C.H. Armstrong

What was the funniest mistake you’ve made as a writer? I’ve made so many mistakes it’s embarrassing!  Sometimes I get so focused on the story that my fingers work faster than my brain.  In the manuscript for my YA novel,

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The Edge of Nowhere by C.H. Armstrong

This is a book about survival. It’s a theme I strongly relate to, one I’ve used in my own books. Set in the terrible Oklahoma Dust Bowl of the 1930s, the story chronicles the life of Victoria Hastings. The historical

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A Worm Tale

I believe there’s a genetic component to empathy. Certainly it can be learned or suppressed, but it seems there’s an inborn disposition as well. Especially when it comes to animals. My mother and I are both overly empathetic, to the

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Who Do You Write Like?

Okay, you write like you, and that’s as it should be. But still, there are commonalities in writing, and there are those we aspire to be something like. I’d LOVE to be told I write like Rudyard Kipling–James Joyce not

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What to Do about Time?

Ha. If I had a time machine, right now I wouldn’t go back in history or do anything amazingly cool with it. I’d just use it to catch up. It’s not exactly riveting narrative material. But the time crunch is

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I Won A Thinkerbeat Contest

The New Year is starting off well for me. Okay, I’m exhausted, and I burnt myself out writing Christmas stories. (I learned an important lesson about limits, though. A dozen shorts in under three weeks is too much for me.)

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Interview with J.J. Green

This week’s guest is J.J. Green. Fascinated by the unusual and unknown since childhood, she first departed the U.K. as a young adult and has lived in Australia and Laos as well as her current abode, Taiwan. Her choice of

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